Responsible hosting

We keep it clean

Our remote experiences are designed to educate and entertain, but never offend. Every host is verified by our team of engagement specialists, so you can be confident that all content is sensitive and respectful 😇 to everyone on your Room. No Clubhouse rules here!


We are hosted on the safest and secure networks


All you have to worry about is enjoying the experience. Our video 📺 conferencing is done through Amazon Chime to guarantee a reliable connection. We also perform a technical check beforehand to make sure everything is ready for showtime .


We’ve got timing in mind

As amazing as they are, we appreciate that our remote experiences are just one part of your team’s busy day. We work closely with our hosts to ensure accurate scheduling 📅 so that your session doesn’t run over.

Jamii's Under 60 minutes sessions
"bite sized,   but more than enough to chew  on"